Bella Filipina

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Akoya Pearl Mermaid
Akoya pearls have been regarded as the classic pearl. Prefered by many because of its high-luster ap..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Magnificent, from her regal crown of rarest pearls, down to her tail of ever-changing colours of the..
Ex Tax: £172.00
Anemone (Bella Filipina)
The daughter of the wind, Anemone enjoys dancing with the soft dandelions. She is a sweet, young spr..
Ex Tax: £106.00
From the depths of the mysterious Pacific comes a beautiful young mermaid. She rises above the cryst..
Ex Tax: £92.50
Autumn Equinox Pixie
Leaves turn orange and start to fall and all are busy for the most-awaited day of the harvest season..
Ex Tax: £101.00
Red roses gracefully dance with the breeze while she is courted over the balcony on a starry night. ..
Ex Tax: £69.00
Enchantress of the Abyss
Mystery lies beneath the unexplored ocean and one of them is this alluring mermaid. She wanders carr..
Ex Tax: £111.00
Fairy Iridescence
She enjoys bright and sunny days playing in the colours of nature. From the lush flower gardens she ..
Ex Tax: £97.50
Gaia, The Earth Goddess
Known for her absolute control over nature and plants, life springs as Gaia passes by. She is the ve..
Ex Tax: £102.50
Heiress of Atlantis
She will rise and claim the ocean. From the depths of the abyss, she'll carry the golden trident bea..
Ex Tax: £89.00
Luna Mystica
At night, when eveyrone is fast asleep, a nymph rises from the waters of the mysterious lake. And as..
Ex Tax: £106.00
Magnolia (Bella Filipina)
Magnolia Grandifolia. Native to tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of Asia and Central Ame..
Ex Tax: £38.00
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